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(Currently, no Friday evening services))


Shabbat (Sabbath) and Yomtov (Festival) morning services are conducted by the synagogue’s resident Chazan (Cantor) and acting Minister Reb Naftali Tiefenbrun and commence at 10.00 am, with a short sermon on the Parasha (Portion of the Week) prior to the Reading of the Torah.   Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat and Yomtov evening services are held once or twice monthly and the synagogue office should be contacted for dates and times.

Kiddush follows the morning service at which Zemirot (Sabbath songs) are sung usually followed by a lively discussion related to the Parasha and/or Halacha (Jewish Law). During the winter months Kiddush is followed by Minchah (Afternoon Prayers).

Occasionally Shabbat Lunch and/or Seudat Sh’lishit (Third meal) are arranged and the synagogue office should be contacted for dates and times.


Shacharit (Morning Service) is held at 8.45am on Sunday morning followed by a Shiur (Lecture) by Rev Tiefenbrun on the Parshah (Portion of the Torah) of the week at 10.00am.



The inauguration of the Hackney Centre for Jewish Studies, is scheduled for 2016. The Centre is planning a series of talks by guest lecturers on Jewish Culture, Israel and also during this period well known speakers will lecture on various commentaries on the Torah, Midrash and Talmud including some of the mystical insights of the Rabbis.   

The first series of lectures will concern   Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman (Nachmanides) 1194-1270 who was the foremost Halachist of his age and wrote a classical commentary on the five books of the Torah.  He was famous for his defence of Maimonides (Rambam) who was criticised after writing his philosophical treatise ‘Guide to the Perplexed’. Unlike Maimonides, Ramban was known as a kabbalist and was unafraid to expound on matters relating to Jewish Mysticism in his towering commentary on the Torah.





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